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Deck Boards
& Decking Accessories

Decking Services - Design & Supply Installation

We can provide a full decking design and installation service.
Our company can shape and level your garden if required to provide a top rate decking solution complete with accessories, such as ramps, Garden furniture, benches, screens etc.

Please call for for more information of all sizes available, and in stock now.

Tel: 0208 428 1004

Ground Level Decking

The most common level of decking is of course ground level as it is the least complex to build and, least expensive.

Raised & Multi-Level Decking

If you have a sloped or split-level landscape in your garden.
Raised decking can potentially give you amazing views of your garden and the nature around.

Multi-Level Decking style of decking has the ability to completely transform your garden with different levels,
perhaps with comfortable seating on one level and another with a barbeque area, hot tub on the next level.

Barrettine All In One Decking
Anti-Slip Oil Treatment

A high performance deep penetrating formulation that decking oils, stains and protects in one application.
Available in clear and stain colours in 2.5L & 5L cans.
Resists fading, flaking and peeling and repels water, so helping prevent any splitting and cracking.
Can also be used on other wooden garden structures and is harmless to plants and pets when dry.
Approx coverage 6-8m² per litre.